• Application Starts From MECEE UG APPLICATION & FORM SCHEDULE 2021 : Yet To Announce

  • Application Starts From MECEE PG APPLICATION & FORM SCHEDULE 2021 : Yet To Announce



SN. Name Designation Email Id
1 Dr. Bhoj Raj Kafle Member Secretary member_secretary@mec.gov.np
2 Mr. Bharat Prasad Acharya Under Secretary bharatacharya33@yahoo.com
3 Mr. Semanta Koirala Under Secretary us.semanta@mec.gov.np
4 Mr. Durga Kandel Under Secretary u.s.durga@mec.gov.np
5 Mr. Badri Bahadur Pathak Under Secretary pathakbp071@gmail.com
6 Mr. Sita Ram Koirala Under Secretary us.sitaram@mec.gov.np
7 Mrs. Jamuna Chudali Under Secretary us.jamuna@mec.gov.np
8 Mrs.Govinda Khanal Under Secretary(Law)  
9 Mr. Damodar Phuyal Under Secretary us.damodar@mec.gov.np
10 Mr. Shyam Krishna Thapa Under Secretary(Account) us.skthapa@mec.gov.np
11 Mr.Badri Bahadur Pathak Under Secretary pathakbp071@gmail.com
12 Mr. Govinda Prasad Sharma Under Secretary  
13 Mrs. Mayia Khadka Under Secretary mayiakhadka1231@gmail.com
14 Mr.Anupm Chandra Shrestha Under Secretary shresthanupam09@mail.com
15 Mr. Lekh Raj Karki Section Officer so.lekhraj@mec.gov.np
16 Mrs. Sita Koirala Section Officer so.sita@mec.gov.np
17 Mrs. Narayani Joshi Section Officer so.narayani@mec.gov.np
18 Mrs. Sabitra poudel Section Officer so.sabitra@mec.gov.np
19 Mrs. Januka Gurangain Section Officer so.januka@mec.gov.np
20 Mr.Gopal Narayan Shrestha Section Officer so.gopalnarayan@mec.gov.np
21 Mr.Prakash Chandra dhungel Section Officer so.prakashchandra@mec.gov.np
22 Mr. Kumar Bhattarai Section Officer kumarbhattarai1969@gmail.com
23 Mr.Lilanath Pokhrel Section Officer lnp2029@gmail.com
24 Mrs. Harkila Acharya Section Officer hk.acharya1248@gmail.com
25 Mr.Govinda Prasad Sharma    
26 Mr. Samir Thapa Computer Engineer  
27 Mr. Dip Raj Acharya Nayab Subba ng.diparaj@mec.gov.np
28 Mrs.Anupama Neupane Accountant  
29 Mrs. Mamata Basnet Nayab Subba mamatabasnet2@gmail.com
30 Mrs. Madhavi Humagain Nayab Subba ng.madhabi@mec.gov.np
31 Mrs. Sushma kafle Nayab Subba ng.sushma@mec.gov.np
32 Mr.Nil kumar Phuyal Nayab Subba nkphuyal721@gmail.com
33 Mrs. Singata Subedi Nayab Subba  
34 Mr.Lilman bhandari Nayab Subba lilmanbhandari@gmail.com
35 Mrs. Janaka Bhattarai Computer Operator co.janaka@mec.gov.np
36 Mrs. Satya Devi Giri Computer Operator co.satya@mec.gov.np
37 Mrs.kabindra Bhatta   abindrabhatta@gmail.com
38 Mr. Hari Prasad Bhattarai Driver  
39 Mr. Ishwor Sedai Driver  
40 Mr. Raju Dahal Driver  
41 Mr. Purna Bhujel Driver  
42 Mr. Omnath Adhikari Driver  
43 Mr. Pradip B. K. Driver  
44 Mr. Janak Silwal Driver  
45 Mr. Aita C. Bolan Driver  
46 Mr. Govinda Prasad Sapkota Office Assistant  
47 Mr. Bishnu Prasad Dhakal Office Assistant  
48 Mrs. Ashma Magar Office Assistant  
49 Mrs. Chuda Maiya Chaulagain Office Assistant  
50 Mrs. Pabita Khatiwada Office Assistant  
51 MR.Puran Chaudhari Office Assistant  
52 Mr.Ramesh shrestha Office Assistant  
53 Mrs. Dil Maya thapa Magar Office Assistant  
54 Mrs. Nirmala Shrestha Office Assistant  

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