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MBBS Admission in Nepal 2022

Now, in the coming few months, the rush for MBBS admission in Nepal is going to start. Students from India plan to go for abroad medical study, and certainly, Nepal will be on their list. Nepal being an abroad country is far cheaper than other countries. This gives the option to all aspiring Indian students to plan out their medical careers.

MBBS admission in Nepal 2022 will start according to the norms of the Nepal Medical Commission. Additionally, we guide our students who require the information in particular.

Well, the students from India opt for an abroad medical undergraduate degree in various countries. But Nepal has benefits that Indian students can avail easily and accommodate themselves in the country.

Now, to get direct MBBS admission in Nepal, one has to go through certain procedures particularly to ensure that their credentials are valid. 

Altogether, our Indian students have a wide range of advantages that they can avail. 

Now, there are some questions that you might ask when preparing for your medical degree. With attention to answer your questions, we observe that there is one major question students ask.

We will be answering the question briefly.

Is Direct Admission in MBBS without NEET in Nepal possible?  - The brief explanation

Contrarily the answer to this question is negative. The MBBS Nepal direct admission is not possible without NEET.

As the NEET examination has a valid identity globally, this is a tool that enables Indian students to step into the various medical colleges in Nepal.

Hence, it is not possible to take admission in Nepal without giving your NEET examinations. The NEET examinations are the medical eligibility entrance exams that are to be given by every Indian student.

Although, admission in Nepal is not a hefty task. If an Indian student qualifies for his/her NEET exam in India, then the admission procedure becomes easier.

As Nepal has no such restrictions regarding admission for Indian students, it accordingly allows students to take admission if they have their NEET report card.

We hope that you are clear about the fact that MBBS admission in Nepal without NEET is not possible. In addition to that, you have the answer to your questions as well.

Now, let us take you further into this topic.

In the first place, we saw a brief guide regarding the MBBS admission in Nepal, following which the answer to a major question was given accordingly.

Now, be with us and we will assure you some more clarity about the eligibility and admission criteria for the same.

Look out for the Eligibility for MBBS admission in Nepal

To clarify the eligibility slab for students who want to or are eager to take medical admission in Nepal is similar to the interface in other countries. But here the procedure is a lot easier and unchallenging.

Unquestionably, the ideal eligibility criteria in Nepal are the best when it comes to the aspect of the abroad medical undergraduate exam.  

All the basic conditions that most of the students align to are as follows:

  • To take MBBS admission in Nepal, the aspirant must clear their 10+2 or 12th examination with a minimum of 50% marks in all the fundamental subjects, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology. They must score above 50% in individual subjects respectively as well.
  • In similar fashion, any other student who has an equivalent degree that resembles the 12th science curriculum can go for the admission procedure.
  • The student has to be a citizen of the country they belong to.
  • The student's age must be at least above 17 years of age.

Nepal MBBS admission 2022 will start within a period of time. This increases the chances accordingly for all the students to prepare and make a plan of action.

Generally, the information that we post is the guiding light for our students.

MBBS admission in Nepal for Indian students

Before moving on to make your plan, we suggest that you educate yourself with some more knowledge that will eventually get you to the destination you wish to achieve.

The MBBS admission process in Nepal requires some essential documentation. The exact kinds of documentation that you will require are as follows:

  • Your passport size photograph.
  • A document that proves your citizenship of your respective country.
  • The 12th mark sheet from the respective board.
  • The NEET qualification report card of the aspirant.
  • A copy of your passport

Admission to Nepal MBBS is an easy process and there are many students who have gone a long way after completing their education in Nepal.

Additionally, MBBS admission in Nepal still requires an intact plan of action. To get ahead with the correct plan of action, get in touch with us for one-to-one guidance.

We offer the best-in-class service to our students who believe in us and lead them to their destination.

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