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Purbanchal University

Purbanchal University of Nepal

Purbanchal University is a public university in Gothgaun Sundar Haraicha, Morang Nepal. It was established in 1993 by the Government of Nepal with its fundamental objective of preserving, refining, inventing, adopting, extending and transmitting knowledge in an environment that fosters free enquiry and open scholarly debate, leading to all-encompassing development of the rural people and their economies and environment. Purbanchal University conducts its academic programs through its five constituent campuses as well as more than 123 affiliate colleges. The university covers 545 hectares of land in its Biratnagar premises.


At present, the university has broadly identified Business Administration, Industry-Technology, Agriculture-Forestry, Environment Rural-Cultural Subsistence and Sustainable Development as specific areas of “Academic Excellence”.

Purbanchal University Admission

For the upcoming admission 2021, students seeking Purbanchal University, Nepal admission Direct, may go through the college website to get a fair idea about the last year cut-off. For the ease of the applicants the procedure below would help them to get an idea about the eligibility and qualification regarding the admission process.

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Purbanchal University Programs

The university aims to give the students an overall development through the conception of healthcare sciences and service to the mankind in the field of medicine. It is one of the best medical universities in Nepal and is definitely a very reliable name in the field of clinical sciences and healthcare.

Purbanchal University Faculties

The Faculty of Medical and Allied Sciences -FOMAS programs at the Purbanchal University is running the state of the art medical, nursing, public health and pharmacy educational programs in Nepal. This faculty is committed to the quality medical studies in Nepal with innovative coursework, clinical experiences, and research experiences. A lot of innovations have been carried out in and around the FOMAS programs. The faculty has been constantly updating, upgrading and refuelling the courses and curriculum to keep up with the technologic changes in the field of medicine, develop a more efficient human resource system, as well as expand student’s exposure by offering the curriculum through articulated campuses and exchange programs with internship opportunities.

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Purbanchal University Facilities

As students seek admission to the most renowned university, an insight into the Purbanchal University facilities offered to students would help them gauge whether they are making an apt choice or not.

Purbanchal University Scholarship

The importance of producing qualified doctors and engineering researchers is recognized the world over. This acknowledgement is one of the reasons for the widespread availability of graduate scholarships for medical students, offered at medical colleges. Purbanchal University, Nepal scholarship also seeks to do the same. medical College bills are considerably higher and students studying at the Institute can avail of financial aid by way of Purbanchal University, Nepal scholarship program given to deserving candidates.

Scholarship /grant are designed for the Indian engineering student to help them.

Purbanchal University Affiliated Colleges

Purbanchal University is an established university with the highest participation of private sector in conducting accessible and quality educational programs. Therefore, as it places more emphasis on the expansion of the private sector colleges, there are only 5 constitute campuses and 116 affiliated colleges.

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