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Lumbini Medical College, Palpa

Lumbini Medical College has been established in the region Lumbini of Nepal in the year 2009. It is a private institution having the aim of offering brilliant quality medical education to the aspiring candidates. The students undergo perfect pre clinical and clinical training to become confident doctors of the nation. High level of learning standards is maintained here. The faculty is dedicated to making responsible and expert doctors capable of serving mankind. Moral values are also incorporated along with medical skills and knowledge.

Lumbini Medical College fee structure is designed in accordance to government regulations. Actual fees is 42, 00000 in Nepalese currency.Lumbini Medical College fee structure for management seats is higher than normal candidates. The students must contact the office to know the details.

Approvals and Affiliations

Lumbini Medical College, Palpa is approved by Nepal Medical Council and affiliated to Kathmandu University.

Lumbini Medical College Admission

The Institute offers a holistic environment for students who seek Lumbini Medical College, Palpa admission. The learning environment is conducive to fulltime faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exemplary laboratories, excellent library and provisions of guest lectures by globally recognized medical practitioners, researchers, and academics. All this bear testimony to the fact that MBBS admission 2021 to the Institute received a voluminous response.

Top Entrance Exam 2022

Lumbini Medical College Exams

Getting a seat into a medical college requires students to pass through entrance exams. Ideally, the academic criteria hold good, but clearing an entrance exam for MBBS is also a pathway for qualifying for a seat in the medical college. The medical entrance exam question paper not only tests the students on their subjective knowledge but also tests them on the aptitude levels making sure they are truly deserving of the seat. The Institution which is a center of excellence in medical learning also provides for mock question paper so that students seeking admission here can accordingly prepare themselves.

Lumbini Medical College, Palpa entrance exam is applicable to foreign students too. Also, Palpaese students have to appear for an IOM entrance test and Selection Board Interview.

Lumbini Medical College Courses

Lumbini Medical College, Palpa is a medical school located in Palpa. The college maintains the vision of providing good healthcare condition through brilliant standards of medical education. Community interventions are constantly made to know the state of health and needs of the society at large.

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Lumbini Medical College Facilities

The Lumbini Medical College is a leading private medical institution in Palpa offering MBBS Course to aspiring students. The dream of the setting up of the medical institute was to provide affordable and professional delivery of healthcare education.

Lumbini Medical College Scholarship

Lumbini Medical College students are made morally strong and confident to handle all the situations in their medical career. It provides complete personality development to individuals with caring character. Keeping in mind the financial problems associated with acquiring medical education as it is very expensive, Lumbini Medical College, Palpa scholarships are offered to deserving candidates.

Lumbini Medical College Fee-Structure

Lumbini Medical College is located in Palpa. The college strives to provide quality medical education required to address the existing and emerging health problems of the population. Lumbini Medical College, Palpa stands by its earnest commitment to produce skillful medical graduates, who can address the complex nature of health problems. Lumbini Medical College aims at holistic development of the student by incorporating innovative and modern teaching techniques, activities, practical exposure, and opportunities to participate in national/international scientific forums. The Lumbini Medical College Fees structure is affordable and students from all strata can conveniently seek admission here.

Ask The Experts

If you have any problem regarding application form call us at   +91-95647-33330,
Nepal Support Number +977-98160-70344 (Office Hr: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) or email us at: info@besonline.in Queries other than technical will not be entertained.

* The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend verifying the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for student’s community in large .

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