Institute of Medicine, Nepal

Institute of Medicine, Nepal

IOM Nepal was started in 1972 with the aim of training individuals to take care of the healthcare conditions of the nation. Tribhuvan University took initiative to build this college in Maharajganj region of Kathmandu in Nepal. This institution has spread enormously and is presently having 3 campuses within Kathmandu region and 9 campuses in the neighboring beautiful Kathmandu valley. The main goal of this institution is to produce quality medical professionals to handle the medical aspects of the nation with care and concern. It strives to provide good healthcare services to the needy people through the help of these institutions.

IOM Nepal also has the plans to do research work in the field of medicine to better the medical standards of the nation. In the opening year the college had objectives to train the middle workers of the medicine world like Pharmacy, radiology, Physiotherapy and Traditional medicine. With time it expanded its goals and infrastructure to train nurses capable of caring for the community, children and adults. This nursing course was started in 1977 followed by MBBS programs in 1978. It then took initiative with collaboration from Canadian University of Calgary to start post graduate courses in 1982. In 2008 it started M Ch courses and in 2013 started traditional medicine courses.

Approvals and Affiliations

Institute of Medicine, Nepal is approved by Nepal Medical Council and affiliated to Tribhuvan University.

Institute of Medicine Nepal Admission

The Institute offers a holistic environment for students who seek Institute of Medicine, Nepal admission. The learning environment is conducive to fulltime faculty members, outstanding learning environment, exemplary laboratories, excellent library and provisions of guest lectures by globally recognized medical practitioners, researchers, and academics. All this bear testimony to the fact that MBBS admission 2024 to the Institute received a voluminous response.

Top Entrance Exam 2024

Institute of Medicine Nepal Exams

Getting a seat into a medical college requires students to pass through entrance exams. Ideally, the academic criteria hold good, but clearing an entrance exam for MBBS is also a pathway for qualifying for a seat in the medical college. The medical entrance exam question paper not only tests the students on their subjective knowledge but also tests them on the aptitude levels making sure they are truly deserving of the seat. The Institution which is a center of excellence in medical learning also provides for mock question paper so that students seeking admission here can accordingly prepare themselves.

Institute of Medicine, Nepal entrance exam is applicable to foreign students too. Also, Nepalese students have to appear for an IOM entrance test and Selection Board Interview.

Institute of Medicine Nepal Courses

Institute of Medicine, Nepal is a medical school located in Nepal. The college maintains the vision of providing good healthcare condition through brilliant standards of medical education. Community interventions are constantly made to know the state of health and needs of the society at large.

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Institute of Medicine Nepal Facilities

The Institute of Medicine is a leading private medical institution in Nepal offering MBBS Course to aspiring students. The dream of the setting up of the medical institute was to provide affordable and professional delivery of healthcare education.

Institute of Medicine Nepal Scholarship

The students of Institute of Medicine Nepal are morally strong and confident to handle all the situations in their medical career. It provides complete personality development to individuals with caring character. Keeping in mind the financial problems associated with acquiring medical education as it is very expensive, Institute of Medicine, Nepal scholarships are offered to deserving candidates.

Institute of Medicine Nepal Fee-Structure

Institute of Medicine is located in Nepal. The college strives to provide quality medical education required to address the existing and emerging health problems of the population. Institute of Medicine, Nepal stands by its earnest commitment to produce skillful medical graduates, who can address the complex nature of health problems. Institute of Medicine aims at holistic development of the student by incorporating innovative and modern teaching techniques, activities, practical exposure, and opportunities to participate in national/international scientific forums. The Institute of Medicine Fees structure is affordable and students from all strata can conveniently seek admission here.

Ask The Experts

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* The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend verifying the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for student’s community in large .

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    Regarding to send the name list of subject expert

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    Academic Calendar for Fiscal Year 2024/2025

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    Notice for Foreign Candidates Applying for Common Entrance Examination of Bachelor Level Programs in Health Professional Education (MECEE-BL 2025)

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    MECEE-BL 2025 Application Notice

Frequently Asked Questions -

• By the end of July of the current entrance year, the applicant must have reached the age of 17 years old.
• The candidates should have achieved at least a 50% grade in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
• If they get 50% or more in all of their disciplines, students are eligible to apply for Admission Direct Quota seats.
• As part of the hiring process, students must participate in an interview.
• Students may apply for admission to the Institute of Medicine, Nepal using Management Quota Admission in addition to Direct Admission. Candidates who may have missed the deadline for application submission or who may have fallen short of the required percentage are eligible for the Management Quota Seat.
• The Institute of Medicine, Nepal NRI Quota Admission is available to international applicants and Indian students who are studying abroad. Additionally, under the Payment Seat or Management Seat quota, admissions are made to the medical college.

The Institute of Medicine’s goal is to train competent, tech-savvy professionals who can provide healthcare to the population of the country and society. They attend college to develop their self-assurance and moral fortitude in order to be able to manage any situation that may come during their medical careers in Nepal. IOM Nepal’s fee structure was created to prevent applicants for admission to Nepal’s medical institutions from experiencing financial hardship. An almost finished Institute of Medicine, the Nepal fee schedule for 2024 is accessible on our website. Because,obtaining a medical degree in Nepal is so expensive, the Institute of Medicine, Nepal has developed a self-financing pricing scheme to help students who cannot afford to pay all of their expenses at once.

• Manipal College of Medical Sciences hostel is totally residential and has separate areas for men and women.
• Every hostel room is set up for twin sharing.
• There is furniture and other necessary facilities in the room.
• The hostel area is quite safe around-the-clock.
• Hot water is offered from the geyser.
• Students must provide their own bedding.
• There are blankets and quilts in the dorm rooms.
• There is always access to the internet.
• Cleaning services
• Water supply is available, and there is a constant supply of electricity in the rooms.
• Outsourcing laundry
• Students are observed by hostel wardens.

The university has a wide range of colleges and departments that educate qualified specialists for the majority of the national economy’s sectors. The college offers an excellent mix of highly qualified, highly educated, and tech-equipped faculty members. Additionally, there are enough non-technical staff members available to foster an environment where students can learn on their own. The college is dedicated to improving the nation’s health care education and output delivery systems.


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