Medical Education Commission (Directorate 96Examination)11/06/2024

Medical Education Commission (Directorate 96Examination)11/06/2024

Notice for Foreign Candidates Applying for Common Entrance Examination of Bachelor Level Programs in Health Professional Education (MECEE-BL 2025)

Medical Education Commission calls for the online application to select candidates for the following bacheler level health professional programs run by various Usiversities, affiliated colleges, and bealth scimce academies throughout the country. The online application is called from all eligible foreign (Subcategory 1. Foesigs to appear) candidates from 12 June 2024, 10:00 AM to 2 July 2024, 5:00 PM through the web portal https:/ Candidates (Subcategory : Forrign to appear) can suhent the application by paying double amount until 9 July 2024, 5:00 PM (NPT). Candidates (Sinbestogory II: Fortigs NOT to appear) can submit the application by paying single amount until 24 July 2024, 5.00 PS and by paying double amount until 31 July 2024, 5:00 PM (NPT) through the web portal

Entrance examination schedule:

Programs Exam Date & Time SN

1 MBBS 17 August 2024 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

2 1805 18 August 2004 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

BSc Nurung BSc Matwifery

BASLP, B Perfumion Technology BAMS, INS/BMS, BSC MLT,

19 Augnt 2024 from 11:00 AM 2:00 PM

4 BS: MIT, HPT, BPharm

20 Augat 2024 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 254

BO ptometry

5 BPH 21 August 2024 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Elgible candidates can apply for more has the progras with separate bank vouchen or online payment dough the application portal as per the sheve examination schedule Details of sest Gribution will be published so on the website All firenge sandidates sheld flap the online application form as stated within the due date. The candidate shod choose only on of the following isbezirgsties while filling up the elion applientine Rem L Subcregory Foreign Tuborgory Forge NOT so appear MECEE-B12021 as the basis of shrined rank above 50 perc (50% portages in the cently condutenasonal conditionally opt apply since the sultis in level com examination of their respective countries. They can sedest only those seats which i unfulfilled after a merit-based selection process from Subcategory L.


a) The candidate should have passed grade 12 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology scoring minimum of 50% aggregate in total marks or CGPA 2.4 or equivalent

b) Those who appear in the entrance examination conducted by the Medical Education Commission will be given the first priority.

c) If the seat falls vacars as stated in claume (b), matching will be done among those who have secund 50 pemestile or shove (or 50% macks in case the result is in percentage system in the latest national-level modical common enrance examination in their respective countries and agreed on the condition to select only those seats which remain unfulfilled after a merit- haned selection process from Sabeaingury L

d. The remaining seats after completion of the matching of foreign candidates will be wansirmod to Nepalese paying seats Foreign candidates who locted for admission are required to produce original documents at the time of admiljen. Candidates whe aubriments will be liable for legal actions as per prevailing rates and regulatises of Nirpal

Entrance Examination Fees

Entonce examination fors Name of the bask Dank SWIFT Code Payment services

NPE 1,000 se equivalent (excluding hask savice charge for card payment)

Himalayan Bank Limited HYMN

Account name and address

Bank deposit at any branch of Himalayan Bank Limited, Cied Payment, ConnectPS, Khali, Medical Education Commission, Sanottini up the Application fentine for Candidates.

y paying single amount:

2 July 2024, 5:00 PM Dy paying double amount: July 2024, 5:00 PM

Application from Candidates

Dy paying single amount: 24 July 2004, 5:00 PM Figs NOT to By paying double at: 31 July 2004, 5:00 PM

Required digitized documents:

4) Last sis digits of transaction reference nursber (TRN/request unique ID/Transaction code) and applicant’s mobile number (in case of bank counter payment).

b) Recent passport size photograph. c) Passport or E-Aadhaar Card.

4) Scan copy/photo of signature

e) Truescrips/marksheet of grade 12 or equivalent.

  1. Quality of applicant’s photo and scanned documents:

a) Photo of the applicant

i. Image file format: The image must be in the Joiet Photographic Expats Group (JPEG) format with good quality.

ii. Image file size: The maximsen image file size is 200KB (kilobytes)

ii. Resolution: Should NOT be crispy or blurry.

b) Certificate Documents

  1. File Format: JPEG or PDF.

ii. Resolution: Should NOT be crispy or blurry.

File size: The maximum Gle size is 200KB for JPEG and 500 KB for PDF.

  1. Procedure for creating an online profile and submission of the application: Candidates who applied for the common entrance examination conducted in the previous year will have to use their old username and password when registering their profile. Old candidates have to update their details, and new candidates have to register accounts and profiles according to the details and apply according to the following procedure

a) Online profile creation:

Candidates should first creare a profile wing their email ID and password. This profile can also be used in the furare.

ii. To start filling up the application form, applicant has to enter the website haps/ np. Go to the Online Application button then Legis button. Is the login page, click Don’t have an account? Register here botten. OR

Browse https/ Then click Don’t have an account? Register here link

Click on Foreign radio button in Nationality and fill up applicant’s Full Name, Email, Contact Nonsber, Pad Confirword and click on Registre button to create a wser account

iv. A message for email ID verification will be sent to the email address mentioned while cerating profile. After logging into registered email account and clicking on the vriscation link, email accourt will be verified and activated.

Candidate has to log in by entering the registered email in the User Name box and the password (set while registering) in the Password box. vi. If the email verification mensage is not received in the registered email, she has to login to the account and click on the Resend button and verify the mail ID according to the

above process. vii. After accessing the online application portal of the common entrance examination, enter the main dashboard

viii. To fill up the coline form, candidate must creste his/her ‘online profile”.

ix. For creating the profile, candidate must pay the prescribed fors by clicking the Make

Payment button x. Then the list of academic programs appears. According to the candidate’s eligibility,

she has to select the program’s by clicking on the check box against the desired programs. The total amount is be paid will be shown below the table of academic programs. Candidate has to pay the fee by clicking on the button of the payment method she wants to pay

xi. If the cash has been deposited at the counier of the Himalayan Bank Limited, the six digits of the voucher and mobile mumber should be entered is the Update counter payment voucher button to proceed

xii. After paying the fees, click the Basic Information reru, candidate must fill personal details and click on the Save and Costisne button Fill up the educational details in the Qualifications and click on the Save button.

ais. Forrige candidates can skip the Experience and Professional Council mms.

xx. Click on the checkbox on the Foreign category in the Reservation menu. The candidate should choose only one of the following subcategories while filling up the online

application form

Subcategory Foreign to appear MECEE-BL 1023. o Subcategory II: Foreign NOT to appear MECEB-BL 2325 (Condition applies) and save the details aling with the documents. xvi. Candidate can add or coment the details and documents und submitting the form. She can also use this profile to fill out the application fiores in the fatur

Sandson of applied Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Once the application form is tied up, the necessary documents and to be uploaded and the self-declaration is to be done. It is advised to review (editve) the application before submission. Once the application is subesimed, it is not editable After aploding all the documents with personal details, click on the Submit Progres Applestion button is the Deshboard mern and slick on the View Detalls to check all the detaik To hit the application farm, ick the Submit Program Application button on the Dashboard mens and click Apply button. Affler checking the details, ubmit the form by clicking the Save and Submit Information button If you need to review your information, jut “save” the information inity. No details can be conected after subminion of the form Finally, conformation page should be downloaded from Submit Program Application

  1. Admit Card and Exam Centers

Admit card will be available online five days peior to the dry of the entrance examination. Candidace has to login to the online profilicone Application mama on the dashboard clack co View details burton, click Denalsad Admit Card link to print the stnit.cwd. which must be ginduced during the strain Candidates mat follow all the Innnctions mentioned in the admit card,

13 Examination contre will be smestioned in the admit card.

  1. Entrance examination and dini

There will be 206 MCQs of single best respons type, One mark will be gives for rach correct answer and 0.25 marka will be deducted fie wrong answer. The asten of cxamination will be 3 hours

1) Cadiders should scom 50 percentile or shove to be incert The selection of candidate will be done by the open house matching process If the sunder of mess than the available sets allocated for foreign candidien, nuthing will be dont only ans There will be a separate meri bat for each academic program. However, afer matching and admission in an academic program, sher name wille deled from all the matching proces Charted for a read to produce minal documenting adison in the university/academy Candidis will be mponsible fies avenge City the szerint rules and regulations laid down by the Gent of Nepal

b) Medical Education Common Entrance Examination Committee reserves all the rights regarding the entrance exarsination.

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

  1. Regarding the conduct during entrance examination:

a) Candidate should appear in the examination center with an admit card and original identification documest (Passport or E-Aadhaar card) as mentioned in the online form.

b) Candidates should report at their respective examination centers at least two hours before the examination.

c) The examination hall does not allew any ornaments, jewelry, or electrical appliances/accessories.

d) Candidates cannot even take a pen or any stationery with them. Candidates are supposed to use the black gel pen provided in the examination ball

e) Candidates can be examined physically or electronically before entering the examination center.

f) After 15 minutes from the beginning of the examination, admission to the hall is not allowed.

g) Before the examination hours are over, candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall

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