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MBBS in Nepal – Details for 2022

There are various students who choose MBBS in Nepal because of numerous reasons that this country offers. Being a neighboring country of India, MBBS in Nepal for Indian students fee structure is affordable and pocket-friendly.

Additionally, the procedure for MBBS in Nepal 2022 will start. We always try our best to guide you all about the nitty-gritty details of this undergraduate medical degree. As a matter of fact, our experts will make an action plan for one-to-one guidance. Another key point that is necessary to study MBBS in Nepal is the hassle-free eligibility criteria and the admission procedure. 

Students who pass their 12th examinations from a science background and aim to pursue a medical undergraduate degree must prepare themselves for the entrance exams and other procedures.

In the following sections, we will be explaining in detail MBBS in Nepal fee structure 2022, the eligibility criteria, duration, and many more. We expect that you will gain clarity from the following information.

To start with, we will look into MBBS in Nepal for Indian students

The opportunities that Indian students get for their undergraduate studies in Nepal are massively helpful. During the last few years, curriculum patterns and various student policies especially for the Indian students have set ablaze.

Nepal, as a medical education hub is famous for MBBS in Nepal infrastructure and facilities. Not to mention the emerging technologies and recognition of the medical degrees in Nepal around the globe.

Talking about MBBS in Nepal fees for Indian students, this section is quite less for our Indian students because of some countable reasons. To begin with, as a matter of fact, the currency value is cheaper than that of India. Secondly, there are other factors and policies that keep the MBBS in Nepal fee structure comparatively less.

Furthermore, the accommodation facilities and living costs are also affordable for the Indian students due to the familiar environment and friendly residents that wholeheartedly welcome foreign students.

Now, some candidates have certain questions regarding the admission procedure. We will try to decode the most frequent question that the Indian students ask.

Is MBBS in Nepal without NEET possible? - The comprehensive explanation

This question is almost asked by the majority of Indian students before taking admission in Nepal. Together with the Nepal MBBS degree, students can take advantage of the other sources that benefit them as foreign students in Nepal.

The criteria for MBBS in Nepal for Indian students are the NEET entrance examinations while taking admission. The question in itself is particularly wrong as the minimum requirement for MBBS in Nepal for Indian students is qualifying for the NEET examinations.

The benefit that they enjoy is that the Indian students do not have to sit for an external entrance examination in Nepal to pursue a medical undergraduate degree. Their NEET report card is enough for approval for the admission procedure.

Significantly, the MBBS seats in Nepal 2022, will be full after a few months. So, it is always a better option to grab the opportunity before it goes away.

Further information about admission in Nepal and its medical colleges offering medical degrees is below. We assure you that you will become clear about the fact where and when must you apply for MBBS in Nepal.

The out-and-out proper MBBS fee structure in Nepal

We will provide the colleges along with the MBBS fee structure in Nepal, 2022 below-

SN College Name Fees
1 Nobel Medical college (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs )
2 KIST Medical College (Fees 45 to 55 lakhs )
3 National Medical College (Fees 60 to 65 lakhs )
4 Devdaha Medical College (Fees 55 to 55 lakhs )
5 Nepalgunj Medical College (Fees 55 to 60 lakhs )
6 Chitwan medical college (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs )
7 Birat Medical College & Teaching hospital (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs )
8 Manipal College of Medical Sciences (Fees 55 to 65 lakhs )
8 Lumbini Medical College & Research Center (Fees 20 to 42 lakhs )
8 Gandaki Medical College (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs )
8 Janaki Medical College (Fees 45 to 55 lakhs )
8 Kathmandu Medical College (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs )
8 Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital (Fees 50 to 60 lakhs)
8 Kathmandu National Medical college (Fees 45 to 55 lakhs)
8 Ashwin Medical college (Fees 20 to 42 lakhs)
8 Institute of Medicine, Nepal (Fees 40 to 50 lakhs)
8 Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (Fees 45 to 55 lakhs)
8 B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Fees 40 to 50 lakhs)
8 Patan Academy of Health Sciences (Fees 20 to 40 lakhs)
8 Universal College of Medical Sciences (Fees 20 to 40 lakhs)
8 Maharajgunj Medical campus (Fees 20 to 42 lakhs)
8 National Academy of Medical Sciences (Fees 20 to 40 lakhs)
8 College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur (Fees 10 to 18 lakhs)

The MBBS fees in Nepal for Indian students are the same as mentioned above in the list. On the positive side, the Indian currency is mentioned for ease for Indian students to understand. 

By looking in the above chart, you can determine Nepal MBBS fees for Indian students by comparison to other abroad medical degrees.

Therefore, from the above chart, you are somewhat halfway down the lane in terms of knowledge and clarity regarding MBBS in Nepal.

As half knowledge is dangerous, we will move on with the further points that are important for Indian medical aspirants.

Important eligibility criteria for MBBS in Nepal applicable to Indian aspirants

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Nepal are one of the easiest and hassle-free for Indian students approaching an abroad undergraduate medical degree.

The below-given details will be the points that require an individual to at least achieve for admission and cover the MBBS from Nepal cost-

  • 1. The Indian applicant must qualify for their 12th respective board examination with a minimum of 50% in their aggregate marks.
  • 2. They must belong from a science background and their fundamental subjects should include Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • 3. For MBBS in Nepal, they must qualify the NEET examination. This examination is necessary for approval in the medical colleges in the neighboring country.
  • 4. The documentation that is necessary regardless of their school certificate is the legit citizenship certificate that the applicant has.
  • 5. Indian applicants have the advantage of not presenting their VISA to study in Nepal.
  • 6. The applicants must submit the migration certificate they receive after getting out of their school.

The rest of the procedure depends on the college undoubtedly. If the respective college directs you to present certain other documentation, then you as an applicant must be ready for the collection of it.

Nevertheless, the eligibility for Indian aspirants to get into Nepal is easy and completely reliable as well as valuable.

The Main element – MBBS course duration in Nepal

The MBBS course in Nepal has a duration of about 5 years. The students who move from India to Nepal have the benefit of a quicker undergraduate period that tends to make the student more efficient.

The first four years in MBBS in Nepal consist of the entire syllabus covering sections of clinical and theoretical knowledge of various medical subjects. The last one or one and half years are particularly for internships for students.

The students must get into an internship that is rotating in manner. In this way, they receive exposure and gain hands-on experience in their medical field.

By all means, a student must do an internship in their last year as it is compulsory. For your greater clarity, the internship is undeniably important.

Now, to understand the division of subjects and analyze your cost of MBBS in Nepal in the following data-

The subjects in the respective years that you have to study are here-

  • First-Year – Clinical Exposure, Communication Skills, Integrated Basic Medical Science, Community Medicine.
  • Second Year – Integrated Basic Medical Sciences Clinical Exposure & Communication Skills
  • Third Year – Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Paediatrics, Disciplines of Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine (Applied Epidemiology).
  • Fourth Year – Orthopedics, Gynecology, Dentistry, Community Medicine, Anaesthesiology, Information Technology, ENT, Accident & Emergency Medicine, Dermatology, Radiology, Ethics and Research, Surgery, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Accident and Emergency Medicine. 
  • Fifth Year – Biostatics, Sociology, Community Health Diagnosis, Family Health, Information Technology, Nutrition, Health Education, Epidemiology, Community Health Laboratory, Communication Skills, Environmental Health. All the subjects are to be learned explicitly along with an internship.

By looking at all the above information, you can get the clarity of the cost to study MBBS in Nepal. The degree that this country provides in this medical field is recognizable over the globe. So, Indian aspirants aspiring to take this abroad degree can take up MBBS in Nepal.

Keep in mind the MBBS course fees in Nepal, the details for this are given above and the content elaborates in a manner that lets you get a crystal clear picture.

We provide in-depth knowledge and expert advice regarding the details of MBBS in Nepal. To get further knowledge, do make sure that you reach out to us by the means of our website and the helpline that is given there.

Undoubtedly, our clients believe that we are the best in service when it comes to guidance regarding undergraduate and postgraduate medical degrees in Nepal.