The B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, or BPKIHS, is Nepal’s only independent university for health sciences. They started on January 18, 1993. The mob’s programme began on March 10th, 1994, and the postgraduate programme began in 1999.

The university, which located in the town of Dharan, is well known for its reasonably priced tuition. The institute has four colleges: a college of medicine, a college of nursing, a college of dental surgery, and a college of community medicine. India and Nepal are partners in this university. Additionally, the college is very well-liked among Indian students looking to study MBBS in Nepal.

Additionally, this B.P. Koirala institute ran a postgraduate, undergraduate, certificate, and 700-bed teaching hospital. This university grants bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and various other security-related degrees. English is used as the primary teaching language at the university, which is to their favour. The institute gives each individual attention with a faculty of 375.

Why should you choose B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences to study MBBS?

You have some good reasons to pick B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Nepal for your MBBS degree because of the following benefits:

  • The WHO has given the B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences approval, and it is one of the institutions included in the “World Directory of Medical School.”
  • One of the top colleges in the cooperation between Nepal and India is BPKIHS.
  • The Medical Councils of Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka accepted this institution’s MBBS programme in 1994.
  • The school offers a variety of amenities to its students, including dormitories, a library, an auditorium, computer labs, cafeterias, laboratories, hospitals, sports facilities, etc.
  • Indian students do not need a major because they are familiar with Nepalese culture, cuisine -customs, and language.
  • The NEET exam is necessary, but students are not required to take any entrance exams or English language tests like the IELTS or TOEFL, etc.
  • The B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences is committed to educating medical students and provides cutting-edge courses in a variety of specialisations, including intensive care and practical experience in operating rooms.
  • The university added a coronary care unit, intensive care unit facilities, a critical care area, and observational beds, bringing the total number of beds to 700. The amenities include MRI, CT scan, emergency lab, C-arm, and mobile X-ray.

Eligibility Criteria

Any student who wishes to enroll in the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • The applicant must be older than 17 on the date the admission is being considered, or earlier.
  • The applicant should have completed high school or have a degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • The MBBS applicants must have received at least a 50% overall grade in each of the three subjects—Physics, Chemistry, and Biology—mentioned above.
  • The applicant must pass the NEET exam because it is required for applicants to the MBBS programme. A valid NEET card holder may also be eligible for direct admittance into some medical colleges.

Hostel Facility

The B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences offers student hostel accommodations. All BPKIHS students are required to stay at the hostel. On the college campus, there are separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostel contains a dining hall and connected mess. Additionally, it serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian students with clean, healthy, and nutritious food. Additionally, the college hostel features a recreation room, a prayer room, a separate visitors’ hall, as well as parking space.

Fee Structure

B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences’s estimated MBBS tuition costs are as follows:

  • Year Amount
  • 14,00,000 in the first year
  • The second year, Rs. 10,000
  • 3rd year: Rs 7,000
  • Rs 4,000 for the fourth year
  • 5,00,000 in the fifth year
  • Fees in total: Rs. 38,50,000

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