Quitting MBBS in Nepal might be a fatal mistake for you. This step may cost you financially as well as career-wise.

The decision you might about quitting will give you a setback in your life. 

To come to such a conclusion requires a lot of calculative research and mindset. 

Medical colleges in Nepal have different agendas as they are recognized by the MCI.

Now, the Medical Commission of India has laid out certain strict rules according to their curriculum.

We will state out certain facts that may give you comprehensive clarity.

Many Indian students go to study the medical UG course in Nepal, but very few are able to excel in their medical careers.

Let us give you a reality check if you quit MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students-

There are certain points that bring up this question or doubt in the minds of Indian students-

Lack of Clarity

There is Indian students that have extremely little clarity about where they will go and what they will achieve. 

This occurs when a particular student does not have their career well-planned.

So, it is mandatory to have your career planned with a correct roadmap. 

No structured study plan

Every medical UG course in Nepal has the exact curriculum pattern according to the MCI recognized pattern. 

Hence, students who fall under this category must plan out their study plans. Smart strategies must be implemented in the study pattern. 

Senior Advice

Every Indian student must take advice from their seniors and professional doctors for better clarity. 

This is because of the prime reason that your seniors are in a position that you want to be in the future.

They are experiencing what you are just imagining. Hence, even a small piece of conversation can be a bit of great advice to you. 

Now, there are hundreds and thousands of candidates that take MBBS admission in Nepalbut there is a contradictory fact that lies in some of the students. 

Some students may find that their interest and passion may be something else after admission to MBBS in Nepal.

In this case, the student must keep in mind the following things-

  • They may have to pay a certain amount of money for quitting their MBBS degree in Nepal.
  • You must believe in yourself that you are extremely sure about the different paths you are about to take. 
  • Remember, that every path taken is a lesson and can change your life if only you have your skin in the game. 

The above facts are more or less taken and stated from real-life encounters. We have guided many Indian students who have applied for MBBS in Nepal

It is our pride to say that who ever has gone through our consultancy has never come across any doubt in their mind. 

If you want to have a clear and applied action plan for your undergraduate studies in the medical colleges of Nepal, then do follow our blogs and contact us.   

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