What Happens If You Fail 1st Year in MBBS in Nepal – Details For Indian Students


This question has surely gone through your mind once in a while.

During the time of taking admission into MBBS in Nepalstudents do get confused about their curriculum.

 Later on, the normal anxiety drops in. 

After going through the entire curriculum, normally students fear that they may not pass. Well, this feeling is normal.

 You, as a medical aspirant studying MBBS in Nepal, may face the issue of not completing their syllabus in the first year. 

Now, we will educate you regarding the consequences you might face if you fail in your first year of MBBS in Nepal

Let us give you some deeper insights into what will happen if you fail 1st year in MBBS in Nepal for Indian students- 

The aspect of failing a subject depends on the candidate itself.

We have previously acknowledged you about various tricks and tips for performing well in your MBBS in Nepal

Now, it’s time to look at the consequences you might face if you do not follow our strategies.

  • If a student does not pass the MBBS 1st year examination, then the student has to repeat the same with the next batch. 
  • This rule is strictly regulated by the NMC (National Medical Commission). 
  • As MBBS colleges in Nepal are recognized by the NMC. Therefore, this rule is applicable to colleges in Nepal too. 
  • Moreover, if the student fails to pass the supplement examination as well, then he/she has to apply for the University Examination along with the new batch.

These are the specific rules set for the medical students studying in any MBBS college in Nepal recognized by the NMC.

 So, you need to keep in mind that if you do not set your priorities beforehand, then you have to face the above consequences. 

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