What Are The Advantages of Studying in Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences in 2022?


The Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) was founded in 2067 BC and is a non-profit organisation.

 It was based on the idea that Nepalese people had a pressing need to upgrade the patient care system provided by the Nepalese Army Medical Corps, which could be accomplished by igniting the medical potential of healthcare experts with a self-sustaining academic centre.

Let us dive straight into the advantages of studying in Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences in 2022:

  1. The college features a high-skill lab for a variety of fundamental and advanced clinical learning. These ground-breaking measures guarantee that students learn using the most up-to-date methods and are competitive with other medical professionals throughout the world.
  2. The faculty of medicine has a distinct department for information technology, which is an unusual fact. The department has a large number of computer terminals.
  3. The college offers scholarships as well, with half of the recipients receiving a full waiver of tuition and the other half receiving a partial waiver.
  4. The college offers transportation services to the students in their own buses, picking up and dropping off both on-campus and off-campus students as well as those who go on community trips.
  5. The qualified teaching team always supports students in their academic endeavours. Additionally, there is a doubt-clearing session to address all questions on the study of MBBS subjects.
  6. The campus is brimming with amenities like a cutting-edge library and well-equipped laboratories.
  7. The college also seeks to alter the behaviour of recently accepted graduates by teaching them about human anatomy and the need for honesty and integrity in a doctor.

Important details to know about Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences in 2022

The First World War created a significant demand, and the institute was created in memory of the fallen warriors. It was the first hospital to set up a semi-automatic pathology lab and offer fibre optic endoscopic services.

The Nepalese Army Welfare Fund provides funding for NAIHS, which is run by the Nepalese Army Welfare Planning Directorate.This institute is home to a number of colleges, including the colleges of medicine and dentistry.

The college offers MBBS, MD, and MS programmes in a variety of science fields. The goal of the Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) is to address the country’s current shortage of young, compassionate, and sensitive physicians.

The accommodations at hostels are very excellent. The students are given fully equipped rooms with a variety of extra amenities, including Wi-Fi, computers, private showers and toilets, and many others. The course outline adheres to worldwide best practices.

The professors often offer lectures that are simple enough for pupils to understand. Additionally, they are constantly available to answer students’ questions.

One of the leading medical schools in Nepal is the Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS). It is succeeded by Nepal Medical College as the ninth-best medical college and university in Nepal.

There are just 100 students accepted into the university’s MBBS programme each year.

The institution accepts applications from students and asks that they be admitted purely on the basis of their performance on entrance tests like the TU-IOM and NEET. Additionally, the student must have earned a 10+2 diploma or its equivalent in science and must have passed each course.

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