We know why you are reading this blog. To know the duration of the MD course in Nepal, we suggest that you must read this entire blog to ensure that you get the right information from our site. 

MD/MS course in Nepal is being offered by the universities that are recognized in a global manner. Among the global charts of medical education facilities, the postgraduate colleges in Nepal are on the list. 

MD/MS admission in Nepal takes place through an entrance exam that is conducted by the medical authoritative body of Nepal.

The Nepal Medical Council is the authoritative body behind the PG programs of Nepal

Accordingly, we will be explaining the tenure of the MD course in Nepal-

The tenure that is common for the postgraduate courses in Nepal is globally known for its quality and other similarities.

Duration of MD course in Nepal

The following is the details for the duration of the postgraduate degree in the abroad country:

  • It takes 3 years to complete the MD course in Nepal.
  • With proper documentation and accommodation in this country, any student can complete their MD course within this stipulated time. 

The requirements in admitting into PG courses in Nepal have been extremely normal for the students. 

Aspirants can apply for their courses through the PG medical common entrance exam. The essential documents, preparation, and other requirements are specified in our other blogs. 

We specify the certain regulations you need to keep in mind while taking MD admission in Nepal. We also provide personal guidance for postgraduate medical examinations on our premises. 

There are various students that choose us as their guide during the process of their medical education. We have succeeded in mentoring them and helping them in their future paths. 

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