Lumbini Medical College and Research Centre Fee Structure For Indian Medical Students


One of Nepal’s best medical schools is the Lumbini Medical College. It is situated in Nepal’s Lumbini area. This is a private medical school that strives to give its students an exceptional education.

Numerous medical courses, including MBBS, BDS, MD, MS, B.Sc., and many others, are available at the Lumbini Medical College.

All courses are delivered by qualified instructors, and MBBS course in Nepal is extremely affordable.

Students from all over the world come to Nepal to study MBBS since all of the courses offered there are taught using English as the primary language of instruction.

The Lumbini Medical College is accredited by numerous nations, including the medical associations of Canada and the USA, and is recognised by international organisations such the medical councils of Nepal, India, and the world health organisations.

It is also linked with Kathmandu University.

Why should you choose Lumbini Medical College?

The advantages of studying MBBS at Nepal’s Lumbini Medical College are as follows:

  • The Lumbini Medical College does not take donations.
  • The college, which is associated with Kathmandu University, provides instruction for MBBS studies in Nepal.
  • International organisations like the World Health Organization, the Medical Council of India, and the Medical Council of Nepal have acknowledged this College.
  • Since English is the university’s primary language of instruction, it draws students from all over the world.
  • It is associated with multiple hospitals, and all of the medical students receive hands-on instruction there from highly qualified doctors.
  • The university provides fully equipped, contemporary dorm rooms with access to a mess hall.

Hostel and Accommodationat Lumbini Medical College and Research Centre

The Lumbini Medical College offers the following as its hostel and lodging options:

  • A hostel with separate rooms for men and women
  • There are fully furnished hostel rooms available at the hostels.
  • There are possibilities for rooms with air conditioning.
  • Students at Lumbini Medical College have access to a mess hall.
  • The hostels are well-secured and completely protected.
  • All of the Lumbini Medical College’s students have access to electricity and water in their residence halls.

Fee Structure of Lumbini Medical College and Research Centre for Indian medical students

The mission of Lumbini Medical College is to develop competent, technologically savvy personnel who can deliver healthcare services to the citizens of the nation and society.

They develop moral fortitude and self-assurance to deal with any situation that may arise during their medical careers. The cost structure has been designed to be easy on applicants’ wallets for medical college admission.

The Lumbini Medical College, Nepal fee schedule for 2022 has been detailed on the college website.

Noting that many people find paying for medical school to be expensive, the Lumbini Medical College in Nepal offers a self-financing pricing system to assist students who are unable to pay all of their tuition at once.

The college works hard to offer the high-quality medical training needed to solve the populace’s current and future health issues.

The Lumbini Medical College in Nepal is steadfast in its dedication to producing competent medical professionals who can handle the complexity of health issues.

Lumbini Medical College incorporates cutting-edge and contemporary teaching methods, activities, hands-on learning experiences, and possibilities to engage in national and international scientific forums in order to promote the overall development of the student.

Students from various socioeconomic levels can easily apply for MBBS admission at Lumbini Medical College thanks to its reasonable tuition fees.

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