Be it any country in the world, an MBBS degree is not so easy to achieve. The decision-making ability for the right MBBS College is a skill that has to be mastered. 

MBBS in Nepal can be an option for your admission. But before taking the final step, you must research the places where you aspire to go for your undergraduate education. 

Medical UG courses in Nepal offer the right infrastructure and faculty for MBBS. There are a lot of Indian students who tend to shifttowards Nepal for their undergraduate education.

To decide which country is the best, you have to overlook the complete packagethat you can avail yourself in respective countries. Now, looking at the medical scenarios,  MBBS in Nepal  can be the one for you.

Let us check the prerequisites that prove the country offers an easy MBBS-

Well, we would say that according to our research, the best affordable plans are available for MBBS in Nepal only.

You can check the details below

Nepal is a neighboring country

Indian students can find the nearest abroad country for their MBBS in Nepal. Being a neighboring country, the inter-country traveling cost is extremely cheap. 

Indian citizens do not require showing their passport or visa while traveling to Nepal. Transportation facilities are well managed by both countries. It is made sure that citizens of both the country do not face any issues while traveling.

Recognition of MCI (Medical Commission of India)

MBBS colleges in Nepal are very well recognized by the MCI.

Hence, the pattern that is followed by that board is also followed in Nepal.

This is comparatively easy for Indian students as the curriculum pattern remains the same. 

In addition to this, the students understand the topic better. 

Accommodation and living cost of students

Indian students carry a great advantage while studying for MBBS in Nepal. This is because of the currency value, that everything in Nepal becomes cheaper for them. 

Starting from the accommodation, the overall living cost including food, stationery, and other miscellaneous expenses till the fees structure of the medical UG course in Nepal.

Everything can be fulfilled under an affordable budget.

 Altogether, the overall structure has to be well-planned. Now, the easiest abroad MBBS in terms of finance, knowledge, and career is in Nepal. 

MBBS in Nepal has all the essential features that you require to easily acquire an undergraduate degree. 

We try to guide our students with the best expert advice possible. Follow us to get further knowledge about MBBS in Nepal.   

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