Any student, who wants to study MBBS in Nepal, must follow the guidelines laid out by Medical Education Commission in Nepal.

During the period of admission, this fact is always mentioned at the time of arrival. Right now, MBBS admission in Nepal is at its peak time.

So, there is a huge rush that is generating in the admission portal of MBBS in Nepal.

As the MECEE BL Exams have ended in the past month, the preparation for applying to the respective colleges has increased now.

Hence, this blog has the objective of giving you a clear picture of the guidelines that you should follow to study MBBS in Nepal.

Definitely, we will be elaborating on certain basic guidelines in this blog.

To check the guidelines you have to look at the following section of the blog. 

Certainly, we will elaborate on the guidelines of MEC for students who want to study MBBS in Nepal-  

Right now, the guidelines for you are necessary because medical aspirants from all over the world are arriving in Nepal to seek admission.

The guidelines of the Medical Education Commission are laid out several years before.

 Hence, the guidelines are needed to be followed by each and every student as they are laid out by the authoritative body representing the Government of Nepal.

Depending on the current scenario, people need to follow the rules and regulations effectively. Follow the next section, to get the details of the guidelines.

Guidelines you must follow to study MBBS course in Nepal

MBBS course in Nepalis available in every medical college in Nepal.

 So, the Medical Education Commission has laid out several guidelines for students studying MBBS in Nepal.

The basic guidelines that you should follow are as follows:

  • Documentation and entrance exams: The entrance exams held by the MEC must be attempted by every student wishing to pursue MBBS in Nepal. The documentation needs to be intact as well.

   If the documentation of a particular student is not up to the mark,  then he or she will not be able to sit for any entrance examination. 

  • Clearance of eligibility exam for foreign students: The foreign students applying for MBBS course in Nepal must clear their own medical eligibility exam in their respective country. The mark sheet for the same must be provided along.  
  • Students applying must have their 10+2 cleared: Any student that applies for MBBS in Nepal must clear their 10+2 examination with a minimum percentage of 50% belonging from a science background. The major subjects must be Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

The above guidelines are the basic ones to follow for the students going to study MBBS in Nepal.

There are other minor guidelines that are announced while the time of entrance exams.

 Meanwhile, during the time of MBBS admission in Nepal, a few other minor guidelines will also be mentioned. 

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