In Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, there is a medical college called The College of Medical Science Bharatpur.

Each year, it enrolls about 100 students in the MBBS degree program. In 1993, an agreement between the International Society for Medical Education Pvt. Ltd. and the Ministry of Education of the Government of Nepal created the International Institute of Medical Science at Bharatpur.

In 1995, the College of Medical Sciences was re-established. It is a privately run institution with ties to Kathmandu University in Nepal, and the Nepal Medical Council has given it full approval.

The institute, which is in the very centre of Nepal, takes pride in its cutting-edge facilities, knowledgeable faculty, and top-notch infrastructure. 20% of the 100 enrolled students are chosen by the Nepali government.

The remaining students all pay for their own tuition. The tough Medical Entrance Examination at Kathmandu University is used to choose the self-supporting Nepalese students.

Students at the college come from different parts of Nepal, India, and the SAARC nations. A complete library with more than 20,000 volumes and more than 17000 medical periodicals is available at the college.

In addition to academics, the college places a strong emphasis on the health and fitness of its students by offering opportunities for leisure pursuits like yoga, gym use, and both indoor and outdoor sports for all-around development.

Eligibility Criteria College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur

Admission to the MBBS program offered by CMS Bharatpur is subject to a set of eligibility requirements.

The majority of the colleges connected to Kathmandu University allocate a certain number of seats for international students. Indian students can also apply directly to the college to seek an MBBS degree.

The eligibility requirements have been described here for your convenience.

  • The candidate must have received a minimum of 50% of the possible marks inscience at the 10+2 level, including biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • By the closing day for application submission, the applying applicants must be at least 17 years old.
  • For the current academic year, Indian students must have a current NEET Score card.
  • Only those who meet the General Category minimum NEET Score will be admitted to the MBBS programme.

Fee Structure College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur

The mission of the College of Medical Science is to create capable professionals with the technological know-how necessary to deliver healthcare services to the citizens of the nation and society.

They develop moral fortitude and self-assurance to deal with any situation that may arise during their medical careers.

The cost structure has been designed to be as affordable as possible for students applying for admission to the medical college.

The College of Medical Science, Nepal tuition structure 2022 has been outlined in great detail on the college website.

Noting that the cost of pursuing a medical education is not one that many people can afford, the College of Medical Science, Nepal’s self-financing fee structure aids those students.

Documents Required College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur

Don’t forget to include all of these necessary documents when applying for admission to the College of Medical Sciences in Bharatpur.

  • Passport (Minimum 18 months validity) (Minimum 18 months validity).
  • Certificate of Completion and Mark Sheet for Class 10.
  • Certificate of Completion and Mark Sheet for Class 12.
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • ten photos the size of a passport
  • from the Medical University of Nepal, an official invitation.
  • All documents have received approval from the New Delhi-based Ministry of External Affairs[6].
  • legalising any paperwork obtained from the Nepali Embassy.
  • Visa costs.
  • university first year tuition fee bank receipt (required for some Universities).
  • Test results for HIV.

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