This blog focuses on the admission process for MBBS in NepalThe main objective behind this content is regarding the information on the counseling and admission procedure.

MBBS admission in Nepal is primarily governed by the Medical Education Commission, Nepal.

We participate here as an authorized counselors for MBBS in Nepal.

But, on a first-hand basis, everything is authorized and governed by the MEC.

Similarly, the process for admission to medical colleges in Nepal is laid out by this governing body at first.

We transport the message thereafter and make it accessible for our students as well as students out of our vicinity.

Depending on the demand for seats in MBBS colleges in Nepal, the MEC regulates and announces the dates for common entrance exams and other important dates as well.

In this blog, we will be giving you a brief understanding of the Medical Education Commission, Nepal.

This will help you in recognizing the significance of the primary regulatory body for MBBS in Nepal. 

Moreover, our aim is to make you clear about the admission and counseling for MBBS in Nepal that is primarily done by MEC- 

So the main aspect when it comes to MBBS in Nepal is the authorizing body – Medical Education Commission.

The primary counseling is conducted by this department.

Hence, aspirants that want to see the updates for any notice regarding MBBS in Nepal, then you can head out to their website.

Their website is the primary face for all notices and queries regarding MBBS admission in Nepal.

In the following section, we will state to you certain facts that will say how the MEC operates.

Additionally, we will be stating points that will eventually help you if you follow the primary website of the Medical Education Commission, Nepal. 

Primary Counselor and Admission for MBBS in Nepal- Medical Education Commission

The Medical Education Commission operates in a way that makes sure that every notice regarding MBBS admission in Nepal reaches you.

For any guidance related to MBBS studies, you can always ask for a counseling session from them and you will be guided through.

Another related topic concerning MBBS admission in colleges is the admission procedure that is directed on their website.

You can also communicate with them on their helpline number. 

What we mean by stating this fact is that the prime counselor and admission provider for MBBS colleges in Nepal is the Medical Education Commission, of the Government of Nepal.

If you still find any doubt, you can always revert back to our institution for detailed guidance on MBBS in Nepal.

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