The most realistic and exclusive benefits of studying MBBS in Nepal are in this blog. Finally, we have arrived at the most exclusive benefits of studying abroad in Nepal.

Students arriving from India especially can look into this blog as it is particularly aimed at them.

Each and every benefit that will be put into this blog is massively helpful and helps save a lot of money.

The benefits are hardwired for every student.

As MBBS in Nepal is becoming one of the most demanding abroad medical courses right now, the benefits are highly wide-range.

 Any student who wishes to study in Nepal must have a look into the benefits they can avail of.

The primary benefit behind this blog is some amount of clarity that you can achieve after knowing the benefits.

There are various medical colleges in Nepal that are available.

Hence, the options are in big numbers. Look at the next part to understand the benefits of studying MBBS in Nepal. 

Moreover, we will involve our expertise in explaining to you 5 exclusive benefits of studying MBBS in Nepal-  

Our elite panel of experts involves a lot of expertise in putting out the 5 exclusive benefits of studying MBBS in Nepal.

Studying in Nepal is not a risky matter as the benefits that Indian students can avail themselves of are massively helpful.

There are already thousands of Indian students pursuing their MBBS degrees in various private and government colleges in Nepal. We have gathered feedback from them as well to build this blog.

The students who are already there can give the exact information. Additionally, when expert advice collaborates with it, then it is a great combination. 

The 5 exclusive benefits that you need to study MBBS course in Nepal-   

Finally, the exclusive benefits that you need to study MBBS course in Nepal are as follows

  • Screening Test Eligibility: The eligibility of a student belonging to Indian Nationality is limited to the NEET exam. This exam is mandatory for every Indian medical aspirant and therefore this creates the gateway for eligibility in screening tests. 
  • MCI Approved Medical Colleges: The majority of colleges have the approval of the Medical Council of India. This makes the Indian students believe in the curriculum pattern of medical colleges in Nepal. 
  • Hostels containing Indian curators: Every dormitory present in the medical colleges in Nepal has at least one or two in-charge who are of Indian nationality. This creates a homely environment for Indian students living there. 
  • Practical Application in Hospital: Every student who studies in any medical college in Nepal goes through practical application of their clinical studies. 
  • Faculty containing Indian nationality: In most of the MBBS colleges in Nepal, The faculty present there contains an adequate percentage of Indian professors. This helps in building a strong relationship with the students who belong to India.
  •  The above 5 benefits are extremely exclusive for Indian students. Indian students can gain a lot from every point mentioned above. Therefore, we aim at developing clarity-wise information for you. 

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